August was another fantastic month for Browserling. Another traffic record and another record number of new customers.

August 2016 was another new visitor and customer high for Browserling. (Excludes webcomic traffic.)

I'm hungry for more. Until next time!

I just started working on free image tools. I often have to quickly convert between various image formats and all online tools are filled with ads, popups and other crap. I decided to create my own online image tools. No ads, nonsense or garbage. Just tools. Press button, get image.

Here are first six tools: - Convert JPEG images to PNG images - Convert PNG images to JPEG images - Convert GIF images to PNG images - Convert GIF images to JPG images - Convert BMP images to PNG images - Convert BMP images to JPG images.

All these tools are written in Javascript. They work in modern browsers only as they're entirely client-side based. They work via hidden <canvas> and other modern Javascript trickery.

Coming up: resize image, crop image, compress image, png-to-gif, jpg-to-gif, and a new design for these tools.

All tools here:

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I just added a bunch more tools to Browserling's Developer Tools. There are now more than 80 tools.

I found that I was often googling for things like "json compress" or "url decode online" and I'd often end up on random garbage websites with ads and tools that don't work and that have tons of options that no one needs.

So I created my own tools and launched Browserling's Developer Tools. No ads, no garbage, no bloated dialogs, no useless check boxes. Just plain text tools all in one place with the same interface. Press button, get result.

See Announcing programmer tools and I've added another 13 web developer tools blog posts for a more detailed introduction.

Here are the latest tools I've added:

Here's what's coming next:

  • New design.
  • File uploading.
  • Image tools: png-to-jpg, jpg-to-png, image-resize, image-crop.

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Earlier this year I started a new webcomic about programmers. It's been growing and I'm getting hundreds of thousands of views a month. Recently I started a new series of css jokes and they've really gone viral. Some of cartoons are getting 100k views alone. Here are the first five cartoons in the css puns series.


#europe .country {
  border: none;

#europe .country {
  border: none;
Europe css joke at | One-click download


.ghost {
  color: white;
  opacity: 0.1;

Ghost css joke at | One-click download


#titanic {
  float: none;

Titanic css joke at | One-click download


.ninja {
  visibility: hidden;
  color: black;

Ninja css joke at | One-click download

Big Bang

#big-bang::before {
  content: "";

Big bang css joke at | One-click download

Pisa Tower

#pisa-tower {
  font-style: italic;

Pisa tower css joke at | One-click download

If you love these jokes, you can download the entire comic:

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Also check out comic's manual. It's the world's most over-engineered comic with an API.

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