According to Alexa, Browserling is now a top 40k website in the world. 10k positions up from 50k a few months ago. It another small step for a ling, but one giant leap for ling-kind.

My goal is to make Browserling a top 10k website and beyond. Thanks for following along my adventure and see you next time!

Who will win? Don Knuth, the great literate programmer -or- Doug McIlroy, the master of Unix one-liners?

Epic computer science battle between Donald Knuth vs Douglas McIlroy. Who will win?
Donald Knuth vs Douglas McIlroy

(For those of you out of the loop, Knuth once wrote a 10 page program that sorts words using literate programming, and then McIlroy did the same with a Unix one-liner.)

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I just hit 1000 days of non-stop commits to Browserling.

I'm stopping at this commit streak. This was a great accomplishment but it no longer scales as Browserling is growing at a light speed:

To build a truly great company there are are many other tasks besides programming that I've to do as the CEO.

See you next time!

Last month Cameroonians discovered that they could use Browserling to easily bypass government censorship and get back online and use social media websites. I did a write-up about it in my previous blog post.

TLDR: Government of Cameroon blocked Internet access to two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. A local tech leader and my blog reader, Godwill Tetah, asked me to build a custom version of Browserling for Cameroon so that they could use social media and get back online. I created a service called "" and offered it completely free to people from Cameroon so that they can use Twitter, Facebook or and any other blocked resources.

Today I heard from Godwill and my other new Cameroonian friends that the government has lifted the censorship and they have full access to all websites. I'm happy I was able to help Cameroonians at least a little bit to restore their Internet freedom.

Go237 service and Godwill Tetah, local Cameroon tech leader.

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Browserling's comic is getting millions of views. How did I make it so popular?

Quick answer: Smart image search SEO.

Long answer: Some people search for JPEGs only, some people search for GIFs only, some people search for ICOs only, some people search for Webps only, some people search for PDFs, some search for Word Documents, etc. I'm in all the search results. I made 10+ different formats for every comic.

Every comic is available as: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, WebP, TIFF, PDF, PS, RTF, CHM, and XLS.

Here's how it looks in Google's image search results:

Browserling's comic is available in all formats that can be searched.

Get your SEO right, get all that traffic, outsmart your competitors, and succeed. See you next time!