I just added this Lindenmayer system generator to upcoming site Online Math Tools. Given the starting axiom and rewrite rules it draws pretty recursive curves.

You can draw icy patterns:

Icy Frost Fractal

And you can draw pentadendrites:

Pentadendrite Fractal (McWorter's Pentigree)

And you can draw islands:

Island L-System

And you can draw fractal trees:

Fractal tree

And you can draw many other things.

Try it out and see you next time!

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See you next time!

Levy C curve can lift more than you can.

Work out some more and see you next time!

The next site in Browserling's online tools network will be Online Math Tools. To make things more interesting I hired a mathematician to create custom fractal curve generators. Here are the first few we made.

1. Gosper Curve Generator

2. Hilbert Curve Generator

3. Dragon Curve Generator

4. Peano Curve Generator

5. Moore Curve Generator

6. Koch Curve Generator

7. Sierpinski Arrowhead Curve Generator

8. Sierpinski Gasket Generator

9. Sierpinski Curve Generator

10. Z-Order Morton Curve Generator

Bonus 11. Levy C Curve Generator

do you even lift bro?

Many more curves coming. See you next time!

Today is 11 years since I started my blog. Here are some things that I did last year:

See also: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years of blogging.

There are no goals for year 12. I'll let randomness decide what I do next.

See you next year again!