There are currently 24 categories.

Awk Programming (8 posts).

AWK is a very important UNIX programming language for manipulating text very quickly. I have mastered it and now I am teaching others.

Browserling Startup (69 posts).

Articles about my and James Halliday startup - Browserling (earlier called StackVM) - which brings virtual machines to the web!

Cheat Sheets (13 posts).

All kinds of programming and computer science cheat sheets - vt100/ansi cheat sheet, shell emacs editing mode cheat sheet, iptables cheat sheets and many many others.

Computer Science (9 posts).

I love computer science.

Hacker's Approach (8 posts).

Using the hacker's approach one can develop cool software in a matter of hours without really going into details how it all works but using the right pieces and putting them together. Also a real hacker would be able to do the right things with the wrong tools.

Howto (12 posts).

Howto guides - howto download youtube videos, how to upload them, how to be a real hacker, how to become immortal, etc ;)

Idea for Later (1 post).

Ideas that I want to build at some time later.

Interviews (7 posts).

Interviews with me, Peteris Krumins.

Analysis of MIT's "Introduction to Algorithms" video lectures. Contains embedded videos with timestamped list of topics and scanned lecture notes.

Linear Algebra (6 posts).

Analysis of MIT's "Linear Algebra" course. Contains embedded videos with timestamped list of topics and scanned lecture notes.

Mathematics (1 post).

A good computer scientist has to know mathematics.

Misc (29 posts).

Articles that don't fit in other categories. They include interviews and blogging related stuff.

Musical Geek Friday (17 posts).

Really funny and geeky songs I found in my mp3 collection.

My Favorite Books (6 posts).

My favorite software development books, programming books, coding books and science books.

Node.js Modules (15 posts).

Article series "node.js modules you should know about."

Perl Programming (16 posts).

Perl is one of the best languages ever invented. I have mastered it and now I am teaching others.

Programming (37 posts).

I love programming. Language I know are python, perl, haskell, scheme, awk, c++ and others.

Projects (13 posts).

All the various projects that I have done, they include digpicz, reddit media, reddit river, and others.

Security (4 posts).

Computer security is a field close to my heart.

The New Catonmat (1 post).

Everything about the new catonmat website.

Tools (1 post).

Tools - small programs that do great things. Actually this category is not very useful, I am going to merge it with some other category soon.

Unix Shell (29 posts).

This category contains various articles on how to work in Unix shell.

Video Lectures (18 posts).

I love watching video lectures, they make me smarter and I love it. I also like to write about what I just saw, so here are some of the lectures I have seen.

Visual Math Friday (1 post).

I have collected hundreds of visual math proofs. In these articles I explain them and prove their correctness.