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October 22, 2018, 00:25

Disclaimer - I do not write to agree, disagree with the author or the aforementioned comments nor I enforce my opinion towards the others. This is solely a comment.

First I would like to refer to you, who say "Author uses frameworks himself" - He never said his work is by any means perfect, but he evidently tries to minimize the use of frameworks.

Allow me to remind that the Author is a guy with many, many years of experience in a number of fields and most of anything - he launched and developed a succeeding business after many published projects. This does not mean he is right, but it surely must be taken into consideration before you say things like "You obviously have no experience".

Last fact - Anti-pattern does NOT mean:
1. Your projects sucks
2. Your frameworks sucks
3. You suck
4. Your entire life and family suck
Because I see that a lot of you act as if it does mean that.

Now let's get into the "opinion" part.
Under my observation, frameworks are very much appreciated from less-experienced users for obvious reasons.
Frameworks are very appreciated from lazy users for the same obvious reasons.
When it comes to deciding whether to use a framework in a corporative environment - things are a bit different. :)
Then, by the nature of the "Framework" per se you should stop and ask yourself - "Is it absolutely necessary" ?
Think a little - Do you like to be dependent? I can not think of any good real life situation where I would like to be dependent.
In the slightest, this is one reason not to use a framework.

Now I don't think the author "hates" frameworks, but in his professional experience, he found out that Frameworks are a little help, but a bigger burden, for him, his employees and the front-end users. I never liked how he presented his truth though and I, encourage you to use what you trust is the better option.
Have a nice days, colleagues.

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Jonathan Permalink
October 25, 2018, 08:35

Sir, you left me speechless in the sense that I can't agree or disagree with you after your comment.
It is just the kind of truth and elaboration you can not deny.
You have to make blogs.

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