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July 01, 2016, 03:07

Hmmmm... I would agree with everything stated in Peter article except I would change "frameworks make you dumb" to "frameworks make you dumb and lazy".

Frameworks are anti-geek. Being a hardcore geek is about exploration into the science; not merely learning how to use x,y, or z's methods. Some would argue that you can't build structure without a framework - this in itself is true, however if you create something from ground breaking through to completion, you are in absolute control and truly all you need is the blueprints that you define, thus, have a solid 'framework' of your own, and only need to worry about whether your base is solid, and your construction is sound. We don't need to know about constructing ionic pillars, or wainscotting, or any other pre-defined methods because we build them ourselves.

Frameworks and the construction analogy walk hand in hand. There is the software that is built upon them which I would liken to standard, modern housing; they are all based on a similar design with a few embellishments to personalize it. Eventually these neighborhoods of cookie cutter dwellings will lose their appeal and fade to obscurity because it isn't the way things are done anymore. Coding from nothing, however, let's you define absolutely everything, and will lead to software that is more like the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon, or the Pyramids and will withstand the winds of time. This or that framework will (!!!) change, and perhaps go away altogether; core sciences will not. If you feel that your developments will only last as long as the predefined framework that you are utilizing, then you should perhaps think about expanding your vision, or simply fade into obsucrity of the mundane.

Thanks Peter!

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