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March 24, 2016, 13:07

Wow, you heard of SQL injections. Here is a star, bro. Now, can we continue with productive arguments, please? SQL injection is not a problem inherent to use of SQL as such. It is partially relevant when user is able to compose their own SQL queries, for malicious or other use. Talking in favor of ORM because it eliminates the threat of SQL injection makes you sound like a cool weekend hacker on a weekend hacker conference. All the other hackers will clap and tap you on the shoulder because you namedrop all the cool buzzwords, but a computer scientist will just recall why he went to college instead, where he learned what potential advantages and disadvantages of ORM and SQL are.

"When you avoid ORM you just making your life harder." -- I think what you wanted to say was "When _I_ avoid ORM, I just making my life harder." Don't impose your limitations on others.

Also, read up on ORM mapping problems. I am sure you don't have them, probably because you don't take your underlying data model into account, but some of us do care.

Dave, in all honesty, I think you should accept Catmans proposition -- free test for SQL injections, man, that stuff don't arrive in the offer box every day.

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