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March 19, 2016, 15:52

First of all, as developers the one thing we have to have in mind is delivering. If someone is using a framework to do it or his/her own code, it doesn't matter.
Client's don't care. All they need is a product on time. If it breaks because of someone else's code then it's our fault.

I must say, I don't use frameworks, I tried using one or two but I didn't like how all the things were working.
I am always taking some concepts from one framework to another and add them to my code or other libraries.

What I always have in mind is to abstract frameworks, libraries or plugins or whatever you want to call them, to the point that if I want to change them three days from now I could do it with 'ease'.

One way or another everything depends on yourself, the budget and the time you have to complete a task.


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