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January 22, 2013, 18:01

Hello, first thank for this share, i need this working to check position of my domain for specific KW. I tried this:

import re
from urlparse import urlparse
from import GoogleSearch, SearchError

target_domain = ""
target_keyword = "python videos"

def mk_nice_domain(domain):
convert domain into a nicer one (eg. into
domain = re.sub("^www(\d+)?\.", "", domain)
# add more here
return domain

gs = GoogleSearch(target_keyword)
gs.results_per_page = 100
results = gs.get_results()
for idx, res in enumerate(results):
parsed = urlparse(res.url)
domain = mk_nice_domain(parsed.netloc)
if domain == target_domain:
print "Ranking position %d for keyword '%s' on domain %s" % (idx+1, target_keyword, target_domain)


And its working fine, but when i change that KW's its not working i get in my terminal something like this:

tripz0r-iMac-2:~ tripz0r$ python /Users/tripz0r/Desktop/urldigger-02c/
Ranking position 5 for keyword 'python videos' on domain
tripz0r-iMac-2:~ tripz0r$ python /Users/tripz0r/Desktop/urldigger-02c/
tripz0r-iMac-2:~ tripz0r$

So no any result when i change KW and URL in:

target_domain = ""
target_keyword = "my kw"

Any suggestion, how to fix it?

And also one question i have for you, could this software search for some KW for 100 pages in Google? Or just in first 10 or?

Thanks so much with sharing this.

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