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September 21, 2012, 19:33

Hi Peter,
i'm just discovered your very interesting blog. I'm so sad that i didn't discovered it four years ago. I'm sure it would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of stress. With the topic of cloud computing i'm not so convinced if transfering important enterprise data to a server somewhere is a good idea - not because of the safety of the machines or the building, but because of the possibility for others to get access to all the data ("big brother's watching you"). In 1998 (30 years old *ahemm, hrrrmmm*) i finished my studies as a graduated engineer for aeronautics in Germany. Immediately i started with programming, but i almost started from scratch ;-)

I would like to offer you and all the readers a bit insight into something very important in everyones life: Health. Since i was a teenager i always was interested in things having to do with medicine (i got a lot experiences with illnesses as a child and also as a teenager, even with several bone fractures), in the last years i had to speak with doctors even more. Steve Jobs example showed how important this thing Health is. What if there would be a logic behind all things having to do with "illnesses", our body (made over millions of years in the evolution) and our soul? We are getting thirsty, if our body needs water. When our body temperature is too high we are going to sweat. When we have eaten something bad we have to run to the toilet. When our body needs recreation we get tired. What if all these programs are really something useful the evolution has developed over the years, if there would be no false programs like a too high or too low blood pressure, or too high cholesterol values?

There is a documentary on Youtube originally produced in german but with subtitles in different languages (also english, czech, bulgarian, spanish etc.). It ist called "Die 5 biologischen Naturgesetze" ("The five biological laws of nature") and lasts about four hours and 15 minutes (the video is delivered in three DVDs). It explains a new theory - the theory about the logical programs our body is starting, when certain unexpected things happen, with which we do combine bad feelings and with which we can't talk to another person (by circumstances or by scruples, at least in the beginning).

Die 5 biologischen Naturgesetze

Don't believe me, just try to scrutinize the mentioned things by yourself or at your family or your friends. This is also what is said at the end of the documentary.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

All the best to you all!

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