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Andrew Permalink
May 21, 2010, 22:14

Hi I think this is the correct formatting.



    def get_results(self):
        """ Gets a page of results """
        if self.eor:
            return []
        MAX_VALUE = 1000000
        page = self._get_results_page()
        #search_info = self._extract_info(page)
        results = self._extract_results(page)
        search_info = {'from': self.results_per_page*self._page,
                       'to': self.results_per_page*self._page + len(results),
                       'total': MAX_VALUE}
        if not self.results_info:
            self.results_info = search_info
            if self.num_results == 0:
                self.eor = True
                return []
        if not results:
            self.eor = True
            return []
        if self._page > 0 and search_info['from'] == self._last_from:
            self.eor = True
            return []
        if search_info['to'] == search_info['total']:
            self.eor = True
        self._page += 1
        self._last_from = search_info['from']
        return results

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