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December 11, 2009, 08:51

About your site statistics - it's a bitch, so implement it early. As early as possible. Doing it after will be harder than now. That's one hell of a trap and many fall in it, alas.
And absolutely implement aggregated reports for groups of pages.

14 Are you absolutely sure it's what you want? Maybe you just need good search for comments? Cause threaded comments are never good for reading. Though they sure are fun to play with :)

23 I'd also recommend YSlow and their plugin for firebug, it's good at finding bottlenecks.

An idea - let use openid as credentials for comments.

P.S.: и про комменты на русском (yep, me too) или китайском (до тебя пока не добрались, но рано или поздно придут) - language of this blog is english, so why would anyone use other language if not only for spam... or to show off! Just like I do now :)
So chop 'em those comments.

P.P.S.: Антонио не совсем прав, быть женатым порой очень даже неплохо! :))

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