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November 12, 2009, 08:21

I have loaded those lectures on my iPhone and watched them about everywhere: in the train, the boat, in waiting rooms, in the car while my wife was driving…

One thing you didn't mentioned, and which is quite important I think, is the marvelous sense of humor of Demaine and Leiserson, and the effort they put into being communicative.

On the other hand, a frustrating experience is when you say a typo on the blackboard, and cannot raise your hand to draw attention to it… I noticed that most of the times, the teacher saw it a few moments later, but not always.

And finally, two cultural issues: in many lectures there is some guy on the front row to the right, with his feet on the table. In Europe this would be unthinkable! And a symmetric case: in some lecture, Eric says "You will stay ten minutes longer" and then immediately apologizes and says "That was just a joke". In Europe (or at least in France, AFAIK), the teacher has absolutely the right to keep students longer, and this would never be a joke…

Next thing to do: go through all lectures by Abelson and Sussman, with their funny 1986 cloths and hair cuts!

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