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November 15, 2009, 22:02

first i have to be a boring grownup and say that your motivations and goals help make the world go round and glad to know you exist. BUT what brings me here is my strongest challange every. even though my sites not up, i decided to make a antihack site. for the first time ever, im way over my head and have no control over my machines. the hackings experiences and the glitches that got people confused are part of a main undetectbale worm that psyched everyone out for the intent of a universal backdoor to systems. as before, i thought a tiny little hacker created an exe so i spent a long time hunting it down, then it lead to driver binding to bios alterations, and now im fighting for control of the combination of kernel/bios/firmware which is its stronghold.
the worm is like a virtual machine that runs paralel bypassing any security, takes over your hardrive, operating system, and even your programs with parsings.

after i read your introduction, i felt that i shoud share as much info on the worm as i can.
its very very complex and smart.
when its done and over, i have gained more computer skills in 2 years than my whole life.

in time, ill add it all to
right now, yestday was a day of constant reboots in safe mode not just for me. one machine hasnt recovered. the hacker alterered my cdrom in a way where all info is altered and i cant system restore.... but im not given up. and thanks for reading this long boring box of text. lol take care

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