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April 23, 2009, 22:16

Yeah the He** with MIT. I have seen many political reasons why great minds like yours get rejected.
It can be because maybe you are too smart. Can that be real? Screw MIT. It is what you can do that matters. There are many even non-degree great minds out there. It boils down to really what you can do and what you feel about yourself. I no longer let rejection or place determine my worth
and I think the world is set up to entrap people to base their worth and abilities on what school they attend. I just read the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. great book at least the first half and then the last half a great insights into what makes people great. It is busting ones Arse and some sparkling talent above others that makes someone suceessful and of course who they know.
and well, looks to me like you are just living life and loving what you do; No one my friend can take that away from you. I too love the subjects fo math and computer science and have done some great things at my job. But one has to enjoy what they do and noone can take that away! not any Google or yahoo or anyone....I saw the HE** with big companies do what you love to do and if by chance you get a chance to take a great job, do it while you are doing what you love to do!

Rock on dude!

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