I love writing about programming and it's something I am passionate and excited about. So far I have written four books. I am writing three other books right now and I don't see myself stopping!

Awk One-Liners Explained

Awk One-Liners Explained teaches the basics of the Awk programming language through 70 short and well-explained Awk programs. These short programs are called one-liners. They fit on a single line and they perform one task really well. The tasks include numbering lines, joining lines, separating lines, printing columns, doing calculations, printing certain lines, deleting certain lines, replacing certain words and others.

Awk One-Liners Explained is based on my Famous Awk One-Liners Explained article series that has been read over 1,400,000 times.

Sed One-Liners Explained

Sed One-Liners Explained teaches the sed Unix utility through 100 short and well-explained examples. These short programs are called one-liners. They fit on a single line and they do one task really well. The examples include numbering lines, printing certain lines, deleting certain lines, changing, deleting and replacing words and many others.

Sed One-Liners Explained is based on my Famous Sed One-Liners Explained article series that has been read over 1,000,000 times.

Also I made the first chapter of the book freely available and called it World's Best Introduction to Sed. Take a look!

Perl One-Liners Explained

Perl One-Liners Explained teaches you how to become the shell ninja through 130 short and well-explained Perl programs called one-liners. Since there is more than one way to do it in Perl, I usually present several alternatives so the total number of various one-liners is over 200.

Perl One-Liners Explained is based on my Famous Perl One-Liners Explained article series that has been read over 500,000 times.

Perl One-Liners

Perl One-Liners is my fourth book. It's published by No Starch Press and is based on my previous book Perl One-Liners Explained.

Perl one-liners are small and awesome Perl programs that fit in one line of code and do one thing really well. Perl One-Liners showcases 130 short and compelling lines of code that do all sorts of handy, geeky things like numbering lines in a file; generating random passwords; encoding, decoding, and converting strings; calculating factorials; even checking to see if a number is prime with a regular expression.

Read more about it in my announcement blog post Perl One-Liners has been published by No Starch Press.

Bash One-Liners Explained

Coming soon!

I've written the first 5 chapters so far:

I've another 5 chapters to finish, and once I'm done, I'll publish it as an ebook!

Practical Guide to Anonymity

Coming soon!

Vim Tricks

Coming soon!


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