Perlâs Camel and Special Variables Trying to eat him

In my previous post - downloading youtube videos with a Perl one-liner - I used Perl's special variable $_. This is just one of many Perl's special variables.

One day last year I decided to go through all the Perl's special variables carefully so I could become a better Perl programmer and make a cheat sheet which I could always keep on my desk and look things up when needed.

As I explained in the previous cheat-sheet post (awk's cheat sheet), the cheat sheets are for learning things better and not doing things blindly and looking the stuff each time up. Here is another example why cheat sheets are helpful - suppose you programmed for 5 hours and then sat back in your chair to relax for 10 minutes. You could relax by taking cheat sheet in your hands and just scan through it and remember a thing or two.

This cheat sheet contains all the perl's special variables, their description and examples where possible.

It can be nicely printed on one sheet of paper by having two pages per side. Two on one side and two on other. That's how I have printed it.

Available as usual in .doc and .pdf formats.

Download Perl's Special Variable Cheat-Sheet

Download link: perl's special variable cheat sheet (.pdf)
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Microsoft Word 2000 format (.doc):
Download link: perl's special variable cheat sheet (.doc)
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Are you interested in Perl programming language? Here are three excellent books on Perl from Amazon (recommended by me):


March 29, 2009, 07:19

Cheat sheets are great for software developers of all skill level. I use them often myself, mostly for syntax checking.

There is a link above to Perl Best Practices. I have no affiliation to this site or that book, but the information in Best Practice is second only to the Perl Cookbook.

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November 23, 2009, 12:54

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November 23, 2013, 06:23

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This is Perl predefined variable cheat sheet. It lists all the variables from `perldoc perlvar` with concise description and some example usages.

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