Merry Christmas everyone!

If you're celebrating Christmas at your Unix console, wouldn't it be fun to have a Christmas tree in your shell? It sure would! Follow these steps to have your own Christmas tree in the shell.

Step 1: Install Acme::POE::Tree Perl Module.

Type the following at your shell, it will install Acme::POE::Tree Perl module:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Acme::POE::Tree'

If you get notified that you are missing dependencies, answer 'yes' to have them installed.

Step 2: Celebrate Christmas at Console.

Type this to have your Christmas tree up and running:

perl -MAcme::POE::Tree -e 'Acme::POE::Tree->new()->run()'

The result:

Animated Acme::POE::Tree Perl Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Ps. I created a geeky wish list at I'd appreciate a Christmas or New Year present. The list is here: Peter's Wish List. Thank you! :)


jespinoza Permalink
December 26, 2008, 02:28

This has to be the greatest(read geekiest) christmas tree ever.

Mohan Preet Bhinder Permalink
December 26, 2008, 02:54

Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great blog articles :)

December 26, 2008, 03:40

ho! ho! ho! ho! great tip Peteris :-D

December 26, 2008, 06:42

Merry Christmas!!

Ah! That seems like so much fun. I can do that, too ^^*~

December 26, 2008, 18:08

Peter, Merry Christmas. Thanks for such an wonderful Christmas tree. You rock :-)

December 29, 2008, 16:06

It installed for ages but then worked nicely. Thanks :)
And your screenshot is animated too, nice attention to detail. Did you do that by hand?

December 29, 2008, 16:07

Hi Rob,

Yes, I did it by hand. I took several screenshots, loaded them in Photoshop and then saved as an animated gif.

January 02, 2009, 20:08

I can't believe you have Windows on your desktop :-)

Thanks for the great blog.

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February 24, 2015, 15:21

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