We at Browserling are proud to announce Testling-CI! Testling-CI lets you write continuous integration cross-browser tests that run on every git push!


There are a ton of modules on npm and github that aren't just for node.js but for browsers, too. However, figuring out which browsers these modules work with can be tricky. It's often that case that some module used to work in browsers but has accidentally stopped working because the developer hadn't checked that their code still worked recently enough. If you use npm for frontend and backend modules, this can be particularly frustrating.

Testling-CI (http://ci.testling.com) is a service for running your browser tests on every commit. Just add a "testling" field to your package.json like this:

"testling" : {
    "files" : "test/*.js",
    "browsers" : {
        "iexplore" : [ "6.0", "7.0", "8.0", "9.0" ],
        "chrome" : [ "20.0" ],
        "firefox" : [ "10.0", "15.0" ],
        "safari" : [ "5.1" ],
        "opera" : [ "12.0" ]

Then add a github webhook for http://git.testling.com and your browser tests will be run on every commit in exactly the browsers you've specified!

Once the tests run you get a badge you can put in your readme with the current browser test status. Here's how it looks:

If you click the badge you go to the test status page.

All your tests need to do is output TAP-formatted text output. Many test harnesses already support this format and the protocol is simple enough that you can just console.log() valid output yourself.

We recommend using tape to output TAP or if you use Mocha, we've a testling-ci example using Mocha. We'll support many more test harnesses later.

Your browser tests can even use node-style require()s bundled with browserify so that you can use exactly the same tests for node and the browser. If your browser tests aren't written the node way you can still run them with the "scripts" field. See testling-ci homepage for full documentation.

This service is free for open source modules published to github. If you want to run this service on your private repos, contact us and we can enroll you in our testling professional edition beta!

For full documentation and more examples visit ci.testling.com!

About Browserling

Our mission at Browserling Inc is to make the developers' life easier. Testling-CI is our third product. Take a look our first two products Browserling and Testling.

Browserling lets you do manual cross-browser testing in all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9; Chrome; Safari; Firefox and Opera.

Testling lets you do automated cross-browser JavaScript testing. You write your tests in JavaScript and we run them on the browsers and tell you the results. Testling-CI is built on top of Testling.

We're also soon launching our fourth amazing product. Stay tuned! Follow us on twitter for updates - @browserling, @testling, @substack, @pkrumins.

Important Update:

We've changed goals are we're not launching a fourth product.

We've retired Testling as we built Testling-CI.

All questions about Testling-CI: feedback@browserling.com


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