I just launched Online Math Tools website. It's a collection of browser-based utilities for doing mathy things. To create more content I hired a mathematician to research and create all possible fractal curve generators. Here are the next 10 fractal generators we added. See previous 10 fractals here. There will be more than one hundred different fractal generators total and perhaps we'll discover or invent some new fractals ourselves.

11. Cesaro Fractal Generator

12. Vicsek Fractal Generator

13. Sierpinski Carpet Generator

14. T-square Fractal Generator

15. Cantor Dust Fractal Generator

16. H-tree Fractal Generator

17. Fibonacci Word Fractal Generator

18. Cantor Set Fractal Generator

19. Asymmetric Cantor Set Fractal Generator

20. Levy C Fractal Generator Generator

21 (bonus). Generalized Cantor Set Fractal Generator

Many more fractals coming. See you next time!


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