When you're in the zone coding away you don't want a slightest disturbance. Any external noise can throw you off. Your phone ringing, a louder car outside or with the new open plan offices, or your coworkers talking in background. You don't want any of these noises interrupt your work flow. You want to stay in the zone for hours and get tons of work done.

My kitty approves Bose QC25 headphones. She says these headphones help her catch more mice.

Noise eliminating and cancelling headphones are a must for staying in the zone and getting things done. I've been trying all kinds of headphones and I think I just found the perfect headphones for programming and concentration - Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones with active noise cancellation. The way they work is they record sound around you, invert the sound waves, and emit the opposite sound, effectively cancelling sound around you.

Bose Quiet Comfort 25.

When I put them on it feels like I'm in a vacuum chamber or something similar. Everything becomes strangely quiet. Nothing emits sound. You get used to this feeling in a few hours. Typing on a keyboard is noiseless. You can barely hear someone talking to you directly behind you. They're also very light and comfortable.

These headphones are not cheap but I love to spend money on high quality equipment that lets me get my work done quicker and more efficiently. I'll be sticking with these headphones for years now.

Unboxing Bose QuietComfort 25 was a pleasure. The box was small and neat, and headphones were packed into a very good looking and compact case.

Neatly packed Bose QC 25 headphones.

Pro tip: These headphones use a single AAA battery for noise cancellation. Make sure you don't waste money on batteries. You'll be changing regular Duracells ever 3 days. Get Eneloop Pro Rechargeable AAAs and Eneloop Pro Charger. Eneloop AAA Pros are at 950mAh and they'll last more than 3 days. Eneloop batteries are currently the most competitive rechargeable batteries on the market.

My other kitty tests Eneloop AAAs and Eneloop Pro Charger.

I'll be modding these headphones and adding a USB power cable so I don't have to use batteries at all. If you're interested in hearing about that, subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter. Until next time!


Luca Azzone Permalink
May 01, 2015, 13:13

There is no similar headphones which use usb instead of batteries? we seriously need to mode those?

May 01, 2015, 18:36

There are not. At least I couldn't find any. All companies have left modding as an exercise to the buyer.

RoyMi6 Permalink
July 16, 2015, 09:20

Did you ever get around to doing your USB mod? Just got a pair myself and thinking of doing this..

July 17, 2015, 01:49

Not yet. :( If you're doing this post the mod log!

Sam Permalink
January 03, 2017, 16:25

I've got an ex-demo set of these, and they come as USB only by default (Theres a few modifications - USB powered 3.3V via the unused 4th pole of the 2.5mm connector, cable screwed in, power switch glued on, lack of spring and connection on the battery port, battery door screwed shut)

All the modifications are done in the factory and you cant tell from the outside, but it might help you if you are still interested ion USB powering them (theres an EXT PWR set of pads to connect to internally for example - for either demo or aircraft hard wiring use)

If you are interested drop a reply here and ill take some photos for you, if you can do me a huge favour and do the same of the unmodified one i might be able to un-usb them.. (ideally id like the have the option orf either) which i thought was easy but soldering on and testing 1.5V on the +/- BAT connectors doesnt seem to work! So i wonder if a component has been changed (since the USb supplies 3.3V via its inline voltage dropper circuit)

Can Permalink
May 08, 2017, 16:13

Please tell me, how to get a EXT PWR set for QC25.

Alex Permalink
November 01, 2017, 01:53

Hey, can you send me some photos, I would love to know how they did it in the factory so I can do it!

Casey Fitzpatrick Permalink
November 18, 2017, 00:39

I am also very interested in possibly replicating the demo circuit. I have noticed the EXT PWR on a normal set, but EXT POWER shorts to GND, and indeed on the reverse side of the board it is labeled "L GND". There appears to be a bunch of unpopulated pads on that side of the board though, perhaps they are populated on the demo circuit? I see what *might* be a 0-ohm resistor going to ground on mine, so I think the demo pair would have that unpopulated and a bunch of other components populated.

Galacticboy2009 Permalink
January 09, 2018, 05:33

I believe I also have a pair of these!

I bought them at a pawn shop not long ago and have been trying to figure out who/what did this to them.

They're in very good condition, but there is a AAA battery in them that can't be removed, and the door to the battery compartment is not normal (missing the spring and more, it looks like, but it opens fine)

There is a screw inside the battery compartment that keeps the battery from being removed.

The cord cannot be unplugged from the headphones, and the cord is much longer than the standard one.
The cord is also both a normal headphone plug and a male USB plug, on the end.

So plugging it into any USB power source allows the active noise cancellation to be used.

Thanks for mentioning your pair, so now I have an idea what mine were for. (I have another pair of QC25's and I didn't realize these were weird until I had already bought them)

dac Permalink
July 26, 2018, 19:05

A quick working solution here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/354364-power-cable-mod-for-bose-qc-25-for-battery-less-active-cancellation/?do=findComment&comment=11578582

Werner Permalink
May 04, 2015, 01:56

Damn it Peter, last week I bought a pair of FM wireless 60bug Philips headphones, which are really bad ;-)
Anyway, qc25 technical data about noise cancelation seems to be not available on bose homepage, but i found some values http://headphones-reviewed.com - (btw peter, url text paste does not work with my samsung galaxy tab3 android 4.4.2 in your forms here, browser chrome in mobile mode not desktop view, never mind) so search on google - and for mid to high range upto !40db! suppresion is impressive! And for low freq 30db is also quite good, probably even more complicated to achive because of ultra long FIR filter in dsp... this would also explain the lousy livetime of AAA batts.
Cheers Werner

May 04, 2015, 22:03

I have a pair, love them and now consider them as essential for plane travel as well. They remove that awful background hum almost completely.

Kojo Idrissa Permalink
June 03, 2015, 21:52

Anything like these, but Bluetooth instead of wired? I've gotten spoiled by Bluetooth noise-isolating earbuds. :-(

Nikita Vorontsov Permalink
July 06, 2015, 16:29

Hello Peter,

Didn't you mention earlier that you use night hours to get your work done? Is it still too loud at night?

Just joking ;) Of course headphones are an essential software developer's tool.

Thanks for the review.


July 12, 2015, 17:58

Servers are buzzing :)

Syed Permalink
April 22, 2016, 11:15

Are they comfortable with eye glasses on?

Hans Hansen Permalink
June 27, 2017, 10:49

Yes they are!

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