Update: No longer available and monthly t-shirts discontinued.

I'm super excited to announce monthly catonmat geek t-shirts in collaboration with Teespring! Every month on the first Monday I'll be launching a Teespring shirt campaign with an awesome geek tee.

Teespring is basically Kickstarter for t-shirts. If enough people commit to buying a shirt, everyone gets their shirt. Otherwise nobody gets a shirt (and nobody gets charged).

This month I'm presenting the limited-edition HTML5 tees. This shirt is also the official tee of the HTML5 Dev Conf that's taking place in SF on October 15 & 16.

This shirt is designed by my co-founder SubStack and it's available on American Apparel and Hanes tees.


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Tiffany Permalink
December 31, 2012, 22:52

This is so exciting! My friends and I found out about TeeSpring a couple days ago as well while searching for ways to fundraise. We are planning on holding several campaigns with different designs to raise funds for our Honduras trip next summer for a Global Water Brigade project. Please take a look and help spread the word for our first campaign! http://teespring.com/GhostTee And it would be greatly appreciated if you could offer insights on how to have successful campaigns as well! Thank you and have a happy new year!!

Charles Crawford Permalink
July 09, 2013, 00:31

O nice shirt! I would definitely love to have one.

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