Last month Cameroonians discovered that they could use Browserling to easily bypass government censorship and get back online and use social media websites. I did a write-up about it in my previous blog post.

TLDR: Government of Cameroon blocked Internet access to two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. A local tech leader and my blog reader, Godwill Tetah, asked me to build a custom version of Browserling for Cameroon so that they could use social media and get back online. I created a service called "" and offered it completely free to people from Cameroon so that they can use Twitter, Facebook or and any other blocked resources.

Today I heard from Godwill and my other new Cameroonian friends that the government has lifted the censorship and they have full access to all websites. I'm happy I was able to help Cameroonians at least a little bit to restore their Internet freedom.

Go237 service and Godwill Tetah, local Cameroon tech leader.

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Browserling's comic is getting millions of views. How did I make it so popular?

Quick answer: Smart image search SEO.

Long answer: Some people search for JPEGs only, some people search for GIFs only, some people search for ICOs only, some people search for Webps only, some people search for PDFs, some search for Word Documents, etc. I'm in all the search results. I made 10+ different formats for every comic.

Every comic is available as: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, WebP, TIFF, PDF, PS, RTF, CHM, and XLS.

Here's how it looks in Google's image search results:

Browserling's comic is available in all formats that can be searched.

Get your SEO right, get all that traffic, outsmart your competitors, and succeed. See you next time!

At Browserling we're building a network of online tools websites. Each site in the network focuses on one and only one tool category. Each tool does one and only one thing. The first seven websites in the network are Online CSV Tools, which is all about working with Comma Separated Values files, Online TSV Tools, which is all about working with Tab Separated Values files, Online JSON Tools, which is all about working with JSON data, Online XML Tools, which is all about working with XML documents, Online YAML Tools, which is all about working with YAML configs, Online STRING Tools, which is all about working with strings, Online RANDOM Tools, which is all about doing random things.

Today we're releasing the eighth site.

The eighth site in our network is Online Binary Tools. Online Binary Tools is a collection of simple, free and easy to use utilities for working with binary numbers, zeroes and ones. There are no ads, popups or other garbage. Just binary utilities that work in your browser. Load a binary number and instantly get result.

Here's a list of all binary tools:

Here are upcoming binary tools:

  • Convert Binary to Arbitrary Base
  • NAND Binary Values
  • NOR Binary Values
  • XNOR Binary Values
  • Convert Binary to BCD
  • Convert BCD to Binary
  • Add Binary Numbers
  • Subtract Binary Numbers
  • Multiply Binary Numbers
  • Divide Binary Numbers
  • And many more!

The next few sites are onlineIMAGEtools, onlineBROWSERtools, onlinePDFtools, onlineCRYPTOtools, onlineHASHtools, onlineAUDIOtools, onlineCSStools, onlineJStools, and then 15 more.

If you like what I'm doing you can subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on twitter and/or follow browserling on twitter and/or do nothing.

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If you're starting a new Internet project, the first thing you should do is buy all the typos (and alternative domain extensions) around it. That's what I did for Browserling. Over the years I bought several dozen typos. In this post I want to show how much traffic these typos get. This is the traffic of top 15 typos just in last 30 days:

By buying all these domains, I made it easier for 5,346 visitors to access Browserling or discover Browserling. Money well spent.

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At Browserling I hired a professional artist to illustrate famous computer people. Here is how he illustrated Tim Toady aka Larry Wall, the creator of Perl programming language.

Larry Wall taking a selfie with his buddies Camel and Camelia

In case you're joining just now, here are the previous cartoons:

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