My mission at Browserling is to make developers' lives easier so I decided to create world's largest collection of web developer and programmer tools. I found that I was often googling for things like "json minifier" or "url escape online" and I'd often end up on random garbage websites with ads and tools that don't work and that have tons of options that no one needs.

So I created my own tools and launched Browserling's Web Developer Tools. No ads, no garbage, no bloated dialogs, no useless check boxes, just plain text tools all in one place with the same interface. Press button, get result.

See Announcing programmer tools and I've added another 13 web developer tools blog posts for a more detailed introduction.

Here are the latest tools I've added. Now there are 49 tools total (up from 35 tools).

Pro tip: You can use ?input=text query argument to pass text to tools.

Next few tools I'm adding are JSON to CSV, XML to CSV and Number base converter. I'll also soon redo UI/UX of the tools to make them much nicer.

Until next time!

What do I do when I'm tired of programming? I do some more programming! I just added 6 different subscription feed formats to Browserling's webcomic. They're Atom, RSS, JSON, Simple Plain XML, YAML and TXT. (RSS) (Atom) (JSON) (Raw XML) (YAML) (TXT)

And extra bonus. JSONP API:

Update: Now also CSV, because why not. (CSV)

Another Update: Now also TSV. (TSV)

Does this have any value? No. Was it a fun side project? Hell yes it was! Fun side projects is what makes you great at what you do. Now back again to main product work. Until next time!

I just illustrated a popular joke that you've probably heard.

An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, inn, tavern, public house, Irish pub, drink, drinks, beer, alcohol...
SEO Expert

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I'm that guy in the picture. Haha. Until next time!

I heard about this new technology called JSX today so I went to JSX's Introduction Page to read more about it. The first sentence said:

JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension that looks similar to XML. 

And this is where I stopped reading. We all hate XML. You can't possibly ever go on reading about this technology further if it's introduced like that. Developers hate XML and don't want to ever hear this offensive word. Every word matters when presenting to developers.

I'll be just fine not knowing what JSX is. Until next time!

I've created an offline version of Browserling's Web Comic. It's a stand-alone HTML file with all the cartoons base64-encoded in it. No dependencies, just a single file. It can't get simpler than that.

Stand-alone HTML Download URL:

Hate stand-alone HTML files? I've also created a ZIP archive of the comic. Just unpack it, open index.html and you can browse it offline.

ZIP Download URL:

Hate ZIP and love WinRAR? I've also created a RAR archive of the comic:

RAR Download URL:

Hate RAR and ZIP? I got TAR.GZ for you:

Hate TAR.GZ? I got TAR.XZ for you:

Hate TAR.XZ? I got TAR.BZ2 for you:

That was super fun! Now back to real product work, and until next time!