Cross-browser testing is a serious business and it needs more fun, so I hired a comedian to write original one-liner jokes for Browserling. Here are a dozen more new, original web developer jokes.

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  • While humans have to pay for each drink at the bar, a web browser is able to just open a tab.
  • Internet Explorer goes shopping. An employee asks, "Do you need help?" Internet Explorer responds, "No. Just browsing".
  • The best guys to be in a relationship with are web designers because understand that to make something great, it takes time to develop.
  • A web developer's house is usually stuffy because when the house isn't in use, they close the windows.
  • A web developer can make a mobile home look like a mansion simply because they know it's all about the layout.
  • An empty Internet browser is an automatic omission of guilt.
  • Did you know, Google Chrome's logo is the son of the kid's electronic game, Simon.
  • The best Presidential candidate would be a web developer because they have to make things work on different platforms.
  • My grandma never got to experience the Internet, not because she was too old, but because she used Internet Explorer.
  • A web developer left a restaurant before ordering because he hated the menus. They were foldouts and he prefers dropdowns.
  • You'll never see a web developer driving a fancy, shinny, car. Sure, they like the polished look, but hate buffering.
  • Internet Explorer does a great job of downloading Chrome.

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Another exciting news at Browserling. I just launched Browserling's Bug Hunter! It was one of the most requested features. I listened to my users and here it is.

What is Bug Hunter?

Bug Hunter is the quickest tool to report issues on your website.

Just load the website in Browserling, click Bug Hunter, add annotations and upload the screenshot to Imgur or send it by email with one click. It's awesome.

Next we're adding CloudUp upload support, Dropbox and Google Drive support. You'll be able to save your bug hunts directly to your cloud drives.

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Give it a go, let me know what you think and until next time!

This is quite intereseting.

Remember To Mock a Mockingbird book about combinatory logic that I recommended as one of my favorite books?

It's no coincidence that the author Raymond Smullyan used birds to model combinators. Combinators were invented by Haskell B. Curry and he loved watching birds.

Here's an article published in Reading Eagle, a newspaper in Reading, Pennsylvania, on Dec 2, 1967 that interviews Haskell Curry about his hobby. It's quite funny. Read it.

Mathematics Teacher Enjoys Bird Watching

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I love Gary Vaynerchuk. I've been his #1 fan for almost 10 years. In many of his videos he mentions buying NY Jets so I created this funny website that tells you if Gary Vee has bought NY Jets yet.

If you don't know who Gary is or why he wants to buy NY Jets then watch this video.

Why Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the NY Jets?

Now go and watch all his other videos and until next time!

Increase your productivity every day by following this 1 weird old tip.

$ sudo vim /etc/hosts


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