Another exciting news at Browserling. I just launched Browserling's Bug Hunter! It was one of the most requested features. I listened to my users and here it is.

What is Bug Hunter?

Bug Hunter is the quickest tool to report issues on your website.

Just load the website in Browserling, click Bug Hunter, add annotations and upload the screenshot to Imgur or send it by email with one click. It's awesome.

Next we're adding CloudUp upload support, Dropbox and Google Drive support. You'll be able to save your bug hunts directly to your cloud drives.

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Give it a go, let me know what you think and until next time!

This is quite intereseting.

Remember To Mock a Mockingbird book about combinatory logic that I recommended as one of my favorite books?

It's no coincidence that the author Raymond Smullyan used birds to model combinators. Combinators were invented by Haskell B. Curry and he loved watching birds.

Here's an article published in Reading Eagle, a newspaper in Reading, Pennsylvania, on Dec 2, 1967 that interviews Haskell Curry about his hobby. It's quite funny. Read it.

Mathematics Teacher Enjoys Bird Watching

Until next time!

I love Gary Vaynerchuk. I've been his #1 fan for almost 10 years. In many of his videos he mentions buying NY Jets so I created this funny website that tells you if Gary Vee has bought NY Jets yet.

If you don't know who Gary is or why he wants to buy NY Jets then watch this video.

Why Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the NY Jets?

Now go and watch all his other videos and until next time!

Increase your productivity every day by following this 1 weird old tip.

$ sudo vim /etc/hosts


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I love having fun at Browserling, so I hired a comedian to write some new, original jokes and one-liners about web developers, web designers, web, and browsers.

Here they are! I hand picked the best jokes:

  • What did Times New Roman say to Comic Sans? ... I hate your type.
  • You're in a .class of your own.
  • Both my parents are web devs. They named me Bob... They named my brother, Bob12459.
  • What was the web developer doing in the bathroom?... Taking a crop.
  • You can't tell me what to do - you're not my web developer.
  • Say that to my interface!
  • If you can't make a web design... you may have a future teaching web design.
  • We were designed to be together. Mark it up to fate!
  • We sent a web developer to the store to get the newspaper. He came back with The Times New Roman.
  • I design websites for people... if you're on a budget, no problem... as long as it's a big budget.
  • Don't be self-conscious, but I love looking at your <body>.

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Have fun and until next time!