June 02, 2010: Explained the 4th top ten CommandLineFu one-liners

Today I wrote the 4th part in the series on explaining the CommandLineFu one-liners. Some good stuff in there.

May 17, 2010: Wrote an article on functors

Wrote an interesting article today about different meanings of the word "functor". The article is called On Functors.

May 06, 2010: Published a post on how to turn any Linux computer into Socks5 proxy

I am slowly starting to work on the new article series on "100% technical guide to anonymity," where I'll describe how to keep yourself totally anonymous on the Internet.

This post can be called the first post in the series and it shows how to turn any Linux computer into a Socks5 proxy and how to do ip-based access control for it.

April 28, 2010: Published a nifty post on a HTTP proxy in 20 lines of node.js code

Today I published a nifty article on how to create a HTTP proxy in just 20 lines of node.js code. Now that is what I call fast prototyping. It took me just 10 minutes to write it.

The article is here: A HTTP Proxy Server in 20 Lines of node.js Code.

April 20, 2010: Explained the 3rd top ten CommandLineFu one-liners

Published the 3rd article in the "Top CommandLineFu One-Liners Explained" series.

April 13, 2010: The New Catonmat Launches

Just launched the new catonmat. Starting today catonmat will have this /news section, where I'll write everything that is going on with catonmat - what features I have added, what articles I have started writing, etc.

The development of new catonmat followed the ideas outlined in this post of mine:

Currently I have only implemented half of them, the others are coming soon.

I also promised to write "Designing Catonmat Together With Me" article series. I was unable to do that but I will write "Best Bits of The New Catonmat" where I'll explain how I implemented various ideas. The first post in this series will probably be about how to write a good comment parser that allows only certain tags and has syntax highlighting.