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Want to work with a very talented, multi-skilled, world-class hacker who gets things done? Now you can! I offer consulting services through my company Browserling Inc. I have over 15 years of real world computing experience and have been working with computers since the age of 6. I understand computing intuitively and can reason about various problems very quickly.

I can help you solve your problems. I'm an expert in a wide variety of fields. I know how software works in very fine detail and I can see gotchas before they even happen. I love working quickly, professionally and I have strong communication skills. I maintain a level of consistency, and establish and maintain a high level of trust. I have a track record of getting things done and I stand behind my work 100%.

Here's what I offer.

  • Linux systems programming - Everything. This is passion since childhood.
  • Linux networking and firewalls - I have a solid understanding of the Linux network stack. Userspace to kernel. Kernel to userspace. I can help you debug, develop, secure, and deploy various networking and firewall solutions. I have many years of experience with Netfilter (and the new nftables), iproute2, tuning the kernel, and writing iptables kernel modules.
  • Linux shell - I breathe shell. I've written a hundred tutorials and a bunch of books about working quickly and effectively in the UNIX shell and I know pretty much everything there is. Do you want to work faster in the shell? Need to process lots of data? Parse configs? Write cross-platform shell scripts? I've got you covered.
  • Debugging - People say they've never seen anyone understand what's wrong with their apps quicker than me. Is your application randomly crashing? Is your server using too much CPU? Are the network connections slow? I can help you debug all these issues, solve them and advise how to prevent them in the future.
  • Windows apps and win32 API - Over 10 years of low level Windows programming experience. I've built many different Windows applications for myself and my clients. My choice for getting Windows apps done is WTL, but I can also do raw Win32 API programming, ATL, COM and MFC. Ring me up and I'll get your app done quickly.
  • Web apps - alert('ANYTHING YOU WANT');
  • Web crawling - YUP. Billion page crawlers spanning 20 ec2 instances. I write that.
  • Node.js - I've written 20+ node.js modules, many of which are low level C++ modules, such as node-png, node-jpeg, node-gif, node-video, and others.
  • Writing - I've self-published 3 e-books that have sold thousands of copies, and I've published a real book with No Starch Press. I know what the process of writing books is. How to get started? How to work with the publisher, the technical editors and copy editors? How to get your book to the market? I can help you with all that plus give you advice on writing style (Zinsser, Strunk & White are my boys), formatting, and what should go in the book and what shouldn't.
  • Startup advice - I've been running my startup Browserling Inc in the Bay Area for the last 5 years. I've raised capital for the company, hired, fired, worked with lawyers, CPAs and bookkeepers. I'm Hacker in Residence at Hackers/Founders, world's largest startup network, and Browserling is the first company in Hackers/Founders's Co-op startup incubator. I'll help you for free if you're just starting!
  • Cloud services - I double breathe this.
  • Blogging advice and SEO - I built this blog from the ground up to 20,000 subscribers and 100,000 monthly visitors. My blog is currently the 3rd most popular programming blog in the world traffic-wise (Coding Horror is first, Joel on Software second). I've been blogging for 7+ years and I know all about blogging. SEO is everything. Traffic is everything. Content is king.
  • Penetration testing - Why not.
  • Algorithm design and analysis - Knuth and Skienna are my homeboys.
  • Complicated puzzles - Can't figure out how to run Linux on a microwave or make mongodb web scale? Let me figure out that for you. Seriously, I'll figure things out for you that no one else can. Or your money back. Solving problems is what I do all day, every day.

Consulting rate

  • $1,000/hour for quick consultations.
  • Starting at $100,000 per project.

Get in touch

You can reach me at peter@catonmat.net or use the contact form. I'm looking forward to working with you!

What do people say about me and my work?

  • I hired Peter for a highly technical project involving a mix of C networking code, shell scripting, unix systems administration, architecture/systems design and database management. I can't believe one guy had so much expert knowledge across such a wide range of topics! Everything was finished early, cheaper than I'd expected and the project is still in production. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
    Iain Dooley | @iaindooley | CEO of Working Software Inc.
  • Our application needs to operate in complicated sub optimal technological environments where legacy software is popular and unrealistic expectations to meet modern standards impose unsurpassable barriers to implementation. Peter hopped, skipped and jumped over all those barriers in record time without blinking and has put us on the innovations map. What was considered impossible amongst an international consortium was made possible by Peter.
    Alexei | Director, Bloomsbury Health - NHS Healthcare Innovation.
  • I am extremely happy to see your technical capability to come up with immediately solution and the fast response.
    TK | CEO, ECESIS Technologies.
  • Wow. You have given me incredible value in 20-30 minutes. $100,000 I'm serious.
    Gabe Arnold | CEO | Business Marketing Engine.
  • Every web agency needs You.
    Gal Borenstein | CEO | Borenstein Group, Inc.
  • Peter Krumins is nothing short of a technical genius.
    Artem Russakovskii | Entrepreneur | Android Police
  • Peter Krumins is top 10 software engineer in the world.
    Lane Campbell | CEO | June Inc
  • Peter is the most amazing dev I've seen in a long time. He just ships and ships and ships and ships.
    Jonathan Nelson | Founder | Hackers/Founders
  • Peter is smart, pragmatic, and hardworking. He's also among the top node.js experts in the world. His technology is cutting edge, and his customers love him.
    Adam Rifkin | Entrepreneur | Panda Whale
  • Peter is brilliant and has made an incredibly useful product that was difficult to build.
    David Weekly | Entrepreneur | David's Blog

What do people say about my books?

  • Seriously, folks, CompSci 101 courses might be more fun with a book like this. - Thomas Maher
  • The author's light and humorous style is a great introduction to the power and productivity of one-liners. - gaj
  • Very nice tips and examples. Awesome language, awesome book. - bc
  • Lots of useful things I can harvest from this. It's fun and useful. - Brian Beckman
  • Well done, clear and concise. - Abraham Bloom
  • This book is a tinkerer's dream. You may find yourself turning to it again and again. - Michael Larsen
  • Very well-written book. - Steve
  • The author does a good job of explaining some fairly complicated things in layman's terms. - Joshua Rofrano
  • I didn't find anything to yell about. Given how much of a perfectionist bastard I am this is likely high praise. - Matt Trout
  • The author is enthusiastic about the material and uses an easy writing style. Highly recommended. - Jeremy Mates

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