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September 10, 2018, 18:03

This is great article, i often say this but people generally turn their back on my words thinking that i might be a conspiracy theorist or something. I always say, these framework are not only making our brains idle and stop thinking about the important things, but they keep updating and changing on annual basis, and by the time I learned them the companies start to need time to learn a new one just so they stay ahead.
If programmers and engineers want any dignity left in their profession and to secure this profession without lowering the bar they must speak up about this, I have refused 2 times to learn angular and now they asked me for the 3rd time to learned it, I can do everything perfectly fine with jQuery but it is not good enough for them, I have done my part, I have been saying this to other programmers and by doing so risking my job which I can ill afford to lose now, but still I try, however my effort is worthless if others turn their back and continue to be everyday's sheep and don't bother to actually do something about it.
Assess the situation when you are asked to learn or being a new framework to the organization, assess the situation and ask yourself, is this necessary for the job?, does it worth my time to take my mind off important tasks that requires actual thinking, human thinking and innovation and instead learn a new framework which is likely to be replaced in a couple years?
If not, you will lose the dignity of the job, because guess what, this job's dignity comes from the fact that we are thinkers and solvers, take this away and you're nothing but a copy-paste sheep.
Thank you.

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