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December 22, 2017, 18:52

Indeed. The hype around frameworks bloatware last years is terrific. We do see more and more projects that just bring servers to a crawl with only a small 'contact me' page.

Point 1. Libraries are good, they can be reused.
Point 2. Most general purpose frameworks are bad because they are in itself:
a) bloatware, loading over 50 files / utilizing over 50 tiny classes for just a 'contact me' page is pure hell;
b) dependency hell, unreliable and hard to track as it is;
c) limiting in all aspects, you're bound by a framework bounds, afraid to step out, some people avoid that by patching frameworks but it's even worse, given the number of dependencies;
d) turn attention from learning language specifics to learning abstraction specifics, resulting in ultimately bad code when it comes to doing something 'by hand' (and core application logic cannot really be abstracted, if it's not at the helloworld level - so here all the issues start for those fixate on frameworks);
e) make projects unportable and unmaintainable, if framework dies or severely upgraded, it's all lost for a long long time.

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