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November 23, 2017, 04:05

I understand what you said.

Those who put comment with troll intention, they do not realize how cumbersome coding framework had made to programmers.

Just only look what came and gone wit Java: struts 1, struts 2, j2ee, ejb, Hibernate, spring all versions... Liferay is just another dead portal - though it is not a framework but it is very heavy.

To javascript there is angularjs v1 (v2 is not really die yet), emberjs, backbone js ...

Ruby On Rails, CakePHP is stepping on the same path (not there yet).

Not mentioned to other nonsense creation like CoffeeScript, Haml, sasss.

Those companies who behind them, they do really fool us around because they could pay anyway.

After putting your brain to process those framework, what left to those programmers is void.

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