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March 09, 2017, 09:19

Normally, I don't write comment, simply I just don't have the time ....

Our company is very tiny with one marketing guy, one support, two sales/directors and two developers: one driver developer for the core engine and me dealing all the GUI sides. Our company is not VC invested but with enough profit to pay the wages. With the minuscule human resource of my company and the recent explosion of Javascript, I would say I am lucky that I took the bold step to use *commercial* framework at the very early stage (since ExtJs 2). We pay for Sencha Architect + ExtJs framework purely for the reason of we need to build applications *quick*. I can keep up with the framework advancement (less scope & manageable) without coping with the insanity of Javascript movement, CSS, HTML, UX, design & look, etc. So I can *afford time* elsewhere, to write python unit tests to improve the product robustness, invest time to explore server side framework (like Php slim). Save me time and get more done, I have helped my company to build more products under my belt.

It's easy for you to justify and yeah, I would love to design & build things in *grand & noble* approach too. As life moves on, some of us just have to build applications that pays the bills, being practical, get things done and beat the deadline, staying competitive, and most importantly I get pay to feed my kids.

If you are working for Google, Apple, Microsoft, or some giant software company with lots of resources. You article is correct. However, the majority of employment is made up of SMEs.

Do you employ a developer so focus for the elegant or the 'cool' way to solve a task, or a developer will just always get it done and deliver within the deadline? This is purely depending on the nature of your business.

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