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April 27, 2016, 14:23


My name is Apolo Flores, I am writing to you from Yuhu Ads Network

I have looked through your site and I think we could help you to maximize your profit.

Our company is dedicated to monetize mobile traffic and we are interested on collaborate with you adding your site in our Premium List.

Some of our estimated rates are:

US - 3.11 Euros
CA - 2.64 Euros
MX - 2.14 Euros
ES - 3.49 Euros
AR - 2.69 Euros

We work with an eCPM scheme constantly reviewed by our team in order to give you the best gains and highest revenue, our payment method can be weekly or monthly.

All of our Ad formats are 100% compliant with Facebook & AdSense ad policy.

Let´s continue talking on Skype, so i can tell you more about us, my ID is apolo.yuhuads

Best Regard

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