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March 24, 2016, 12:57

First of all, there is a wide area in between rolling your own and using a framework. Libraries comes to mind. Second, ORM has not solved the mapping problem in a definite manner, there are still some open questions left, being tackled differently and with different degree of success by different ORM frameworks and libraries. There is nothing wrong with SQL, it has been around long enough and is considered to have met its design goal of facilitating data queries. Using SQL instead of ORM is arguably not premature optimization, but a system design decision. Third, I hear too many times people rebutting framework criticism with "I dunno, you must be using some weird frameworks". In my educated opinion, frameworks have you trade in development freedom in return for providing efficiency, but the problems this entails, as listed in the article, are *inherent* in the concept of frameworks, and to a much lesser degree in which particular framework it is. I.e., all frameworks suffer from the points the article outlines, but indeed the better ones are attempting to address them at least. Still, the median value makes the points valid, in my opinion again. Fourth, employees can and should be expected to know certain fundamental things as well, such as abstract data types and perhaps application of different programming paradigms and best practices, even controversial ones. The fact that they know React or Angular or some other framework is secondary to these other things, and if they know these things, your argument that knowing a framework is somehow beneficial is a matter of managements preference. If it's a shop that needs to save money and thus floats on frameworks all day, that's fine. But don't shoot the author down with a comparison to "in-house" crap -- like I said, there is plenty of things to choose from between in-house crap and a framework (which may be somebody elses in-house crap turned into export product).

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