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March 24, 2016, 12:25

Very few frameworks, by their nature, let you turn themselves into your tool. I am by no means a very experienced framework user, but I have been through Wordpress, Django, Celery (Python), JQuery, RedMine, and some others, and have not to date been in a position where I could turn either of these into a tool I could really wield. It was always an upstream battle against frames of thinking imposed on me by these. And I don't blame them per se -- like I said, frameworks, by nature, impose limitations. You trade complexity for convenience.

Can you give examples which frameworks you have managed to make your tool and turn the reasons 180 degrees? I am interested in the process --- like, what did you have to do to the framework in question, or a particular way you applied the framework, etc.

Needless to say, I agree with the author of the article. Frameworks rose to the top because there was genuine need to share and reuse logic for rapid application development. That need has been addressed indeed, at the cost of development freedom. Nothing very strange about it, but we can't continue to pretend it's the only way. It's a bad way, but the mind rot has set in, wouldn't be the first area of life where humans have settled for the mediocre alternative. But we need to acknowledge the mediocrity for what it is then.

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