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March 24, 2016, 07:55

Let's take Java as an example... The famous Spring Framework. Of course, I don't NEED it. I could do everything it does myself. Of course, then my coding would take 10 times as long and my code would be 10 times as long - and much more complex. Of course, I could build my own Bean Factory, no problem there. I could code my own transaction managment AOP system. I could code helper classes to create my REST services. I could do all that - and waste my time by doing so.

Of course Spring only hides the complexity, but it hides it well and let's my actual code be much more concise. I can concentrate on the important logic parts and do not need thousands of lines of boilerplate around it, which makes the code a lot more easily understoof. Spring does not do something that I could not. In fact, I discovered it too late and did many thing myself that could have been done much more easily with Spring. I just don't see the need why I should do it. If I started working as a carpenteter, it might be nice to know how to make my own tools from raw iron and coal, but it will be much more efficient if I didn't have to spend half of my day actually doing that and instead can simply buy good tools.

A good framework is simply a tool.

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