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March 22, 2016, 19:28

This was my thought exactly! While I agree with a few points - especially in regard to super opinionated and locked in frameworks like Angular - you also wrote: "You should prefer core-language solutions to small abstractions to small helper libraries to general libraries to frameworks.". And then you have things like "$('#web-subscribe button').click( ...)" all over the place? That kinda contradicts your statements imho. For me using jQuery is equal to not knowing what you really do. And it can do some quite nasty stuff you aren't aware of, plus its simply slow.

And what about writing a framework for yourself? I did that - actually more like a collection of libraries - and I learned a LOT about (modular) core programming and API design. No, the NIH syndrome does not apply since my libs can do stuff no other lib I found can do, and I am still in total control, and it gives me a much better way of structuring my app. If I hadn't this overall scheme / structure my app (about 45k LOC) would be a total mess.

Also, if you do more complex stuff, does it make sense to reinvent everything, for example recode requireJS? So I also use 3rd party libraries when it makes sense. What is really important there that you abstract enough, and use libraries only for defined and specific tasks, i.e. one library does basically one thing.

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Ryan Permalink
March 24, 2016, 11:08

What quite nasty stuff can jQuery do that I'm not aware of?

What stuff can your libs do that no other lib can do? Why does it give you a better way of structuring your app?

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