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March 11, 2016, 08:47

Such a well written rebuttal of the notion of "framework"! (as opposed to "library" — we all like libraries) And then the comments...! Oh the humanity! Here I go...

@Brett — yes, you SHOULD write SQL from day one. Performance WILL be a problem and you don't want to rewrite large parts of your program when you discover that your appealing ORM makes hundreds of queries to fetch data that could have been fetched in ONE query. Embrace SQL, it's not that bad! (and I can say that from vast experience).

And the learning curve is a HUGE downside. Say you went to conferences, bought books, attend online courses to finally learn what Angular 1 is all about (service, factories, service providers and service factories, and let's not forget, transclusions! wtf is all that? and then you hire a large team to write an Angular 1 app (a small team won't do, because Angular) and you invest cash and spend years to get it done. And then boom — Angular 2 is announced, which is a completely different beast.

Wouldn't that time had been better spent learning what Web programming is actually all about? Start with HTTP, it's an important bit, then move to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DOM. THAT's what you need to learn about, not transclusions and configurator service factories.

I can't believe people are taking Angular 2 seriously by now.

@Santosh — I have nothing personally against indians and I've met a few brilliant guys, but *most* of you guys just learn to glue pieces of code from the Internet and call yourselves programmers over night, and then work for ridiculously low prices, producing crap software which eventually will be the nightmare of other developers.

If you're not a programmer, as you say, you should stop writing code. And if you do want to become a programmer, then start learning some actual computer science rather than mixing together Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular and Code Igniter into that mess you call application.

@sol — the more "solid" a framework is, the harder I'd run away from it.

@Anonymous — If I were you, I'd first learn to write. You see, rather than writing a page-sized wall of text you should try to split it into paragraphs and meaningful ideas. People like you are the reason why the vast majority of Websites out there suck so badly. YES, dammit, learn about HTTP headers and cookies instead of using those frameworks you don't really understand.


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