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June 14, 2008, 20:55

I toyed around with bash edit modes years ago and for some reason although I prefer vim wholeheartedly over emacs I have gotten to prefer the emacs edit mode at the commandline. I think it's because, gnu readline is a widely used library, so therefore I can do ctrl-a to get to the front of the line in bash and in firefox text boxes and in etc etc.

The vi edit mode for bash would be nice, but like many people say it's not really great for general computing. Since I log into over 10 different boxes for different things and get csh, bash or whatever depending, I'd rather have something that just works. On the systems I use a lot, I will customize my environment a bit, especially if my home is exported across different machines, but in general I go plain vanilla.

As long as I have a long merging history set, I'll use whatever shell pops up by default.


Just my $0.08 or so... judging by the length.

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