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April 26, 2015, 20:55

Hello Peter,
Its a good idea, life is short and we need to choice rocks ;)

This is my list:
*-Kiselev's Geometry I&II(new Elements's book!)
*-The Art and Craft of Problem Solving(I've used 2nd ed) by Paul Zeitz(Psychological approach to mathematical problem solving)
*-Calculus(I've used 4th ed) by Michael Spivac (Unique book in calculus's world books!)
*-Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics(I've used 3rd ed) by Stephen Maurer, Anthony Ralston (Discrete + Algorithmic , Put it beside Concrete Mathematics;) )
*-The Art Of Probability by Richard Hamming (There are many many probability books but this one is the art of probability!)
*-Number Theory: A Lively Introduction with Proofs, Applications, and Stories(MatheMythical approach to the numbers)
*-Algorithms: A Creative Approach by Udi Manber (most inspiring algorithm's book forever!)
*-Computer Organization and Architecture_Themes and Variations by Alan Clements (Not so famous but really best COA book so far!)


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