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February 20, 2015, 00:51

Python is too slow, you say? With 5 years of hindsight, I beg to differ!

(pypy-2.5.0)~$ g++ -O3 busy_beaver.cpp -o bb_cpp
(pypy-2.5.0)~$ time ./bb_cpp 5 > cpp.txt

real	0m2.597s
user	0m2.501s
sys	0m0.096s
(pypy-2.5.0)~$ time python 5 > pypy.txt

real	0m1.157s
user	0m1.093s
sys	0m0.064s
(pypy-2.5.0)~$ diff -u0 pypy.txt cpp.txt 
--- pypy.txt	2015-02-20 00:49:32.994728830 +0000
+++ cpp.txt	2015-02-20 00:49:25.850728831 +0000
@@ -1,0 +2 @@
@@ -14295 +14296 @@
-Busy beaver finished in 11798826 steps.
+Busy Beaver finished in 11798826 steps.

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