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December 11, 2008, 23:22

Hi Matthew. I answered your question via email, but I'll also copy the answer here:

Sure, it's possible. Except it's computationally expensive. The solution is to use some kind of a filter that stands before .flv and your web server.

[file.flv] <-> [filter program] <-> [web server] <-> [client]

[client] makes request to [web server]
[web server] runs [filter program]
[filter program] takes [file.flv] and starts extractiju JUST the audio stream and returns data to [web server]
[web server] sends data back to [client]

This program may seem tricky to write but is pretty straight forward! It could be even an ffmpeg (output file specified as stdout)!

You may trade computation, however, for space, i.e., extract mp3's out of .flv's as I explained in my article and then just serve the mp3's!

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