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November 24, 2010, 02:18

Wow, really figures that Y combinator wouldn't even bring you guys in for an interview. I've been keeping up with you're work these past several months and continually impressed. I've been doing startups for 20 years... I know good founders when I see them.

I think Y combinator is a bunch of douchebags who will try to feed you into the Silicon Valley startup mill, which really isn't a good place for launching startups, despite what they'd have you believe. Unfortunately, for people who haven't been in a bunch of startups they don't have the experience to know that the lines being fed are BS. It's like investors turning their money over to people running mutual funds, they forget that those running mutual funds make money by getting people to turn over their money to them... same thing with YC, only its equity and trust they exploit.

You guys will succeed if you keep at it, it is guaranteed. It does take some talent, and some luck, but really not much, and you've got the perspective to make your own luck and the talent to make valuable products.

In fact, that it isn't as painfully obvious to YC as it is to me is all the evidence anyone with any startup experience needs that YC is run by people who lucked into money, not people who know how to do startups. (Yeah, they had a startup sell at the time when everything was getting bought that wasn't nailed down.)

Anyway-- best wishes.

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November 24, 2010, 15:54


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