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June 14, 2008, 23:41

during summer 2006 (2.5 months) I left my house just two times

Am I here the only one that believes that something is not going on well with this guy?

Seriously, is that the thing you highlight as being the greatest achievement you have done in your life?

Let me ask you some questions...
Have you ever traveled for fun to another country?
Have you ever played with a child and laughed with it?
Have you ever been on holidays to the beach (or similar) with some friends of you?
Have you ever made love to a girl?
Did any girl that didn't know what's a subroutine ever make you a fellatio?
Have you ever planted a flower or a tree without the final purpose to dry it and smoke it afterwards?
Have you read the "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince)?
Have you ever cried for emotionally hurting someone?

Good luck, thanks for the tips, take care and be happy because life's probably all those other things.

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