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February 12, 2013, 21:14

Hello Peter, Thanks for a fantastic site that keeps me interested and coming back. Love all the UNIX stuff, Bash History and vi are 2 favorites, but I really like this 1:1 idea. My mind races with all the posibilities & I do believe that I have a very different point of view than many here being someone who may have more skills outside the programming & IT wworlds, at least when you start to get above "intermediate level" or unfamiliar languages as I started learning this stuff in my 30's... I opened my first terminal at 33! I've come a long way and can most surley help many a Linux user with various things depending on their skill level while at the same time seeking help on the same topic, just at a level above what I was able to provide but freeing up others who can help with the more complex tasks. Also, as someone who got into tech late in life I have many desireable and valuable skills that have nothing at all to do with anything tech or even electric at times... I was an off-shore commercial fisherman for 15 years... Worlds apart but we are both curious by nature, more at catonmat than most places and our intrests should and do extend outside our favorite text editors, classrooms, etc... I would be happy to share any aspect of the kowledge I gained during years of doing very unconventional work where there is always a problem, no matter what type, and it will get fixed by you, it must and it will if you're two days from home.
I am enjoying learning how to solve problems from behind a keyboard for now, WARM:) I just wanted to throw out my ramblins to my favorite site about a topic that I believe to be important and see what happens... hello all. I believe this is my first post here but I lurk. Most polite comment section on the web!

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