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January 13, 2013, 12:19

great posting and very inspiring. Also was a real eye opener for me and I suspect many, many others who are close to the skill levels desired by Google and other IT giants and those like myself who really had no idea how little I know. Over 4 years old and I still really enjoyed this posting and am amazed how well the comments sections stayed on track.
As per some of the comments, a few really stuck out, but the above by Tom Potter takes the cake... great, insightful information! If true, you would fit that "patsy" bill just right because one of the main things I've thought since I even read the headline was that, "damn, if this guy can't get in who the hell can, not me!!" Sounds like Tom really knows what he's talking about, it just makes too much sense and all the individuals putting themselves down etc is a pretty good example of the tactics effectiveness. Sadly. another comment that stuck out was by Nick, "Something tells me you are fortunate not to have 'succeeded' in getting hired by Google." is exactly how I've felt about your interview process outcome. I do believe Nick is correct. Thanks for sharing your Google experience and most of all thanks for being a GREAT teacher(like another said, You sir are a born teacher!! A very rare one who can do, as well as teach). Your site has been invaluable to me in filling in the gaps of so many tutorials, classes etc. Best of luck Peter but people like yourself make their own luck.

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