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August 07, 2010, 06:22

Of course everyone is quite right with "It's easier to Goggle or use my calculator", however this is a handy way to quickly approximate figures in your head.

Another handy way for programmers (like I once was) is to use hexadecimal to decimal conversions. Having dealt with the large round numbers daily, they become ingrained and 30hex = 48dec or 100dec = 64hex is instantly retrievable. If we say that km = decimal and that miles = hexadecimal, the (approximate!) conversions are easy.

I had to have a system such as this as I have an imported sports car which I refused to mutilate by changing the speedo. e.g. if my km speedo tells me 50kph, I know it's around 30mph, if it said 100kph, that's roughly 64mph.

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