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July 30, 2010, 06:37

I'll tell you if you write an article on FORTH. Deal?

I promise it will not be a waste of time at all. Terse. Stack machine. Scriptable. Very powerful. And it probably will give you ideas.

My understanding is that FORTH will be part of the laptops to be given to underprivileged children in developing nations. If kids start learning FORTH, it could change everything. FORTH is, in effect, "assemblylanguagescript". It is as malleable as is possible. As we know, all other languages are just ways of avoiding the tedium of assembly. But if young people start using assembly again (i.e. "rediscover it" through FORTH), all other languages will be inevitably viewed as slow and limited. HL languages cannot compete with well-written assembly.

There are over *2000* computer languages and still more being created. Hardware performance acclerates via Moore's Law but software lags behind. Much of the power of today's CPU's is not utilised. How long can this go on?

Your writing is lucid and uncoloured by bias. Please write about FORTH.

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