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July 23, 2010, 23:01

Great idea! Really nice you're actually both implementing it. Keep the good work and amaze the world!

But why such rude response? Sure, false or excessive modesty is bad, but crowing (even "justified") does not look better, at all.

It's obvious that praises are not and won't be the only things you'll hear from people. There is no need to take just unpleasant words personally or seriously. Add some humor to it, write witty (Right, I have to close my blog now.), possibly absurd (Did I have any credibility before?) response and readers will judge correctly what-is-going-on in 99,99% of cases. Remember, self distance is crucial.

I said _just_ unpleasant words as oppose to occasionally unpleasant words being part of constructive criticism - there is no need to not take them seriously. Why? There is always someone more skilled than you in particular area of subject (and exceptions are really exceptional here, so they prove the rule). Unfortunately many more-skilled-people tend to express too many haughtiness and too less knowledge in their constructive criticism (you presented kind of an "autoexample" here, I am sure that it was really exceptional in your case though). Do not repeat this mistake ever, fun attitude will always help you.

And watch out, do not stuck in development process. ;)

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