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July 21, 2010, 21:03

Uh, how in the world does this sound like it's doing the same thing as ?

"If you have a web (or mobile) application that needs file uploading you should consider integrating transloadit."


"The startup we're doing is called StackVM. StackVM makes virtual machines much more accessible over the web, makes them easier to use, and makes them embeddable in webpages (like putting a virtual machine in a blog post). "

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July 22, 2010, 05:36

You're write ... I missed the main feature, and only focus on the node.js tools :(

July 22, 2010, 05:37

Sorry: right not write :(

August 20, 2013, 05:14

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October 16, 2014, 12:45

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